Today the most common disk image format is the ISO Image. It is supported by a large variety of software and almost every modern operating systems can mount it natively.

If you need to convert a .bin/.cue image to the .iso format you can do it easily using the open source command line utility bchunk.


BinChunker converts a CD image in a .bin/.cue format (sometimes .raw/.cue) to a set of .iso and .cdr tracks.

You can install it on your Linux machine using your system package manager. It is also available on Mac via Homebrew.

brew install bchunk


Everything you need to do is to pass as arguments the input image file and the output image file name.

bchunk <input_image.bin> <input_image.cue> <output_image>

BinChunker also supports different options, that may be useful in some cases.

-v  Verbose mode
-r  Raw mode for MODE2/2352: write all 2352 bytes from offset 0 (VCD/MPEG)
-p  PSX mode for MODE2/2352: write 2336 bytes from offset 24
    (default MODE2/2352 mode writes 2048 bytes from offset 24)
-w  Output audio files in WAV format
-s  swabaudio: swap byte order in audio tracks

The Alternative

A good alternative is ccd2iso, the open source CloneCD image to ISO image file converter.

ccd2iso <input_image.bin> <output_image.iso>